Welcome to the Essex National Heritage Area - 500 square miles of historic, cultural, and natural sites... unique and irreplaceable treasures that tell our history.

Join us on a journey through magnificence!


Move It! 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge
Essex Heritage and the YMCA of the North Shore encourage you to get out, get active and move it! Take the Move It: 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge and earn prizes when you log the miles you walk, run, bike or swim. Get fit, get active–-one mile at a time… Start to Move It!


New report shows Essex Heritage generates more than $150 million in economic impact.

"Essex...is one of dozens of heritage areas making America’s best idea even better."


Celebrate Four Centuries of Salem's Maritime Heritage!

Equipped with the latest camera gear from Olympus, capture Appleton Farms, one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the United States!