Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Evidence

Presented by Essex Heritage and the National Park Service, Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Evidence features authentic dialogue and the latest research by renowned Salem Witch Trial scholars. Scenes depicted in the film were shot at actual locations associated with the Witch Trials of 1692. The sites can still be visited today. Information on how to visit the sites is below, and also available at the main desk of the National Park Service Visitor Center in Salem, MA.

Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Locations.
Salem and Essex County have a wealth of structures still standing that witnessed the period of the 1692 witchcraft trials. Download the guide to the sites used in Salem Witch Hunt: Examine the Evidence and experience 17th century New England. Download bulletin (pdf).

Visit even more locations throughout Salem and nearby Danvers with a connection to the trials by downloading the Visitor's Guide to 1692. Download brochure (pdf).

Tickets & Movie Times

Tickets available at:
The National Park Service Visitor Center in Salem
2 New Liberty Street Salem, MA 01970
Please call the Visitor Center for daily showtimes.
Visit NPS Website.

Ticket Prices:

Adults: $5.00
Child/Senior: $3.00

Film Credits

Directed & Produced by
Tom Phillips

Executive Producer
Essex National Heritage Commission

Featuring Renowned Scholars

Margo Burns
Director of the Language Center
St. Paul’s School

Dr. Mary Beth Norton
Professor of American History
Cornell University

Dr. Emerson “Tad” Baker 
Professor of History
Salem State University

Dr. Benjamin Ray
Professor of Religious Studies
University of Virginia

Richard B. Trask
Historian and Archivist
Danvers Archival Center

A special thanks to NPS Park Historian Emily Murphy, PhD.